Sunday, July 31, 2016

Assange on CNN: We have more

Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange, speaks on future leaks involving Hillary Clinton:

"If we don't understand what our institutions are doing, then we have no hope for reform whatsoever."


  • More Material related to Campaign
  • Very precise
  • Extremely interesting
  • DNC has "swiss cheese" security
  • It's our principles, what the readers demand
  • True information on institutions will reform the future

Assange: "We have more material related to Hillary Clinton"


  1. we need big time wikileaks to have some leaks that will really take Hitlery and Obama Down
    . also a lot of the people in the corruption with Hitlery and Obama. please save our country from these evil corrupt people.

    1. They (wikileaks) have the necessary audience, we just need to be sure to engage and participate in their release(s)-- To "spread them like wildfire" as we say. Once they release to the public we are going to pass the word like it's nobody's business.

      Rev Media