Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wikileaks to Expose Hillary

Julian Assange, founder at Wikileaks, never fails to contribute groundbreaking "leaks" to revolutionize the political world. When Wikileaks promises something "YUGE" they are not exaggerating. Recently Assange has dedicated his transparency movement towards the Clinton Foundation, where they dwell in the shade. With the Wikileaks publicity and hysteria rampant across social media, Assange is building an audience anticipating for the best.

Revolution Media is hoping to bring transparency, like Wikileaks, to the American public. We will keep Americans and the worldwide audience updated for what is about to come.

My guess is that the Clinton Foundation left a trail of corruption uncovered, and Wikileaks is about to expose to the world what the Clinton "Crime Family" is really all about.

He promises and indictment out of this, and so we must build him the audience needed to discover the truth. Wikileaks needs support, and needs an audience ready to share and expose Clinton as fast as possible.

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